2017 18U STOP-DWI Tournament of Champions Super 40 and Play In Tournament

125 Cutler Pond Road, Binghamton, NY, United States | 07-07-2017 - 07-09-2017

Tournament Information


The tournament is July 7 - 9 in Binghamton, NY with the BAGSAI Softball Complex being the main complex of the event.  The tournament will feature 40 Class "A" and Gold 18 - under fast pitch teams throughout the US and will be host to approximately 85 college coaches. Besides being one of the major recruiting tournaments of the year, the tournament is meant to help promote Broome County. Following its inaugural year, the tournament received many accolades from the attending teams and college coaches - assurance that it was on the right path to become one of the top exposure tournaments in the country. In the first year 30 colleges attended and now we have grown close to 85, so it looks like we are moving in the right direction. The tournament has drawn teams from Michigan, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, Connecticut, Washiongton, New Hampshire and Canada. Type: 40 Teams, 5 games guaranteed, 1 game Friday, 3 games Saturday, then Sunday there will be a 40 team elimination tournament that will be done by a BLIND DRAW FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR FIRST GAME.   Also we will be holding a 24 team tournament where the winner will get acceptance in to the 2018 Tournament of Champions, these teams will play 2 games Friday, 2 games Saturday then will be seeded for elimination on Sunday.

Hotel Info:  This is a Stay-to-Play tournament (click on the Hotel Information tab to the left)